AUX Cable 3.5mm Male to Male Gold Plated Connectors, Metallic Aux Audio Cable, 1.5 Meter (5 Feet) Compatible with device having 3.5 mm jack, Black

  • 3.5MM male to 3.5MM male cable
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • Spaceship grade aluminium casing ensures long-lasting durability
  • Metal braided heavy-duty aux cable, is stress and stretch resistant, protects against day-to-day wear and tear
  • Tangle-free cord design eliminates bunching, tangles, knots and 1.5 meters length
  • Dual-shielding, polished metal moulding, corrosion-resistant plugs deliver crisp sounds and minimal signal loss
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Uplift your music experience with Aux stereo cable. Its superior gold plated connectors and inner cable structure provides the most distortion and static free music listening experience. Connectors are perfectly sized for the most perfect fit into Female Aux jacks. Sturdy design and build quality gives you a long lasting cable lifetime. Enhanced Metal connectors provide great grip, style and reliability to the cable. Long Strain reliever allows bending the cable with no affect on its audio output. At 5 feet length, it is rightly sized to make your phone connected to the car speaker no matter whether you sit in front or backseat and yet easily manageable. UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Aux cable quickly connects your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet, or other portable audio device with a 3.5mm audio jack (i.e. headphone jack) to the AUX-in port of your car stereo, portable speaker, or other compatible audio-output device with zero lag, disturbance or noise. The gold plated connectors easily fit into all 3.5mm Aux jacks in every car or audio device.  Special Gold plated connectors to provide the best music output, this nylon braided cable is very durable and designed for long term usage. Choose this cable if you would like the most convenient music connection between your phone and car speaker or other music players.

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